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Honor Electric Shavers, AI car Holder, and a Humidifier Launched in China

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Honor Electric Shavers, AI car Holder, and a Humidifier launched under Pro-selection series in China. These products revealed along with the Honor Band 6, new Colors of Watch GS Pro. The HONOR smart life products are developed by HONOR along with some industry-leading manufacturers.

Honor Electric Shavers

Honor Electric Shavers

Honor Electric Shavers are developed in collaboration with MSN. The Quick Speed Net Electric Shaver features a cluster of three blades along with a double ring net design. The shaver also has a floating knife net and a multi-directional floating knife head for a seamless shaving experience. It consists of 15 sets of blades with a combination of 135 teeth. The company stated that the new shaver provides 50% more shaving efficiency than other shavers in the price range.

The second is the Travel Portable Electric Shaver, it weighs only 113 grams, the company says it is very compact and portable to carry away anywhere. The electric shaver has an IPX5 water resistance rating. The main highlight is the battery of the shaver, the shaver is stated to provide 45days of battery life on a single charge. It also has a USB Type-C port for charging so that it can be charged easily with your smartphone charger also.

Honor intelligent Voice Car Holder

Honor intelligent Voice Car Holder

Honor also revealed a new Voice Car Holder in collaboration with DDPAI. It is generally a car holder with voice assistance and can charge the smartphone wirelessly as well. It works fine with both Android and iOS smartphones.

The car holder also comes with a three-stage adjustable base and shaft for a strong grip. The company says that the car holder also supports 15W wireless charging along with the charging even with a case. Additionally, the base of the intelligent car holder also has an induction electric clamp arm along with a double-bracket compatible for all models.

Honor Anti-bacterial Fog-free Humidifier

Honor Anti-bacterial Fog-free Humidifier

Honor Anti-bacterial Fog-free humidifier is developed in partnership with SICPO. The Humidifier boasts a fog-free evaporative humidification process. The Humidifier features a 3Litre Water tank that can humidify the room for about 12 hours at 400ml per hour when the tank filled completely.

The Fog-Free Humidifier has an anti-bacterial design inside with a filter inside that helps to blow pure oxygen with moisture into the room. There are two choices of airflow- warm, and air that can be set accordingly. The company stated that the product can turn your room atmosphere into a Forest one with a Moist oxygen supply all day.

Source: Weibo

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