Home Apps Homegrown Samvad app to rival WhatsApp, passes security test

Homegrown Samvad app to rival WhatsApp, passes security test

Homegrown Samvad app to rival WhatsApp, passes security test

One of the most popular messaging platforms in the world is WhatsApp, which currently has over 500 million users. However, recently the Indian government launched an app called Samvad to challenge this platform. Many believe that the app will soon become an alternative to WhatsApp.

Incidentally, a few years ago there was a lot of buzz about this Samvad app. Because, it was claiming to offer features similar to WhatsApp. However, its implementation was not possible at that time. But, now this app is ready to compete directly with apps like WhatsApp after passing all the security tests.

DRDO said in a post on X yesterday that security testing of the Samvad app has been completed and it has passed Trust Level (TAL) 4. Incidentally, this app developed by the Center for Development of Telematics can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.

Besides, its web version also exists at the moment. And the web version can be accessed from CDoT’s website. But before downloading you need to go to the sign up page of this app and sign up with all the information. It requires entering multiple details including name, email, address, group, section, organization and location.

According to CDoT’s website, users will get one-on-one and group messaging on this platform. Also, users can also make calls through it. Again, like WhatsApp it will have status option. And, users will also get the facility to share multiple details including photos, videos, documents, contacts and location on this platform.


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