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Hero Lectro Muv-E: More mileage than a bike-scooty, this e-cycle can run 70 km on a single charge

Online delivery workers are opting for electric vehicles instead of petrol-powered two-wheelers to transport goods in an era of increasing environmental pollution. That’s why Firefox Bikes’ e-cycle brand Hero Lectro has announced the launch of a new cargo e-bike. Its name is Muv-E. This electric bicycle will be available in black color. Built robustly to deliver goods.

Hero Lectro Muv-E cargo e-cycle launched in India

This battery powered bicycle is capable of carrying up to 120 kg. Again the front basket can carry 10 kg of stuff and the rear carrier has a weight capacity of 25 kg. Includes detachable 14.5 amp hour battery pack. With pedal assist that will provide a range of 70 km. Battery takes 8 hours to fully charge. The price has been kept at Rs 61,999.

Interestingly, the bike has a mobile phone charging facility from the battery. As safety features, the Muv-E now features key ignition system, high power 40 LUX front light and anti skid plate with reflectors to give light like day in the dark of night. Other features include a 7-speed Shimano gear system, 80mm travel suspension and a 26-inch alloy uni-sex frame.

Hero Lectro Company claims, the Muv-E 14 cargo e-cycle can travel 14 km for just Rs.1. So it is an ideal electric bicycle for business. Again the maintenance cost is also negligible compared to motorized two wheelers. So products can be delivered at low cost.

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