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Hero Lectro: 40 km on a single charge, the days of hard pedaling are over!

Lately the definition of bicycle world is changing. Instead of relying solely on pedals, many are buying battery-powered models. Inspired by this, Firefox Bikes’ electric bicycle brand Hero Lectro has launched a pair of e-cycles. These are – H4 and H7+. The prices have been kept at Rs 32,499 and Rs 33,499 respectively. These are made keeping in mind the needs of Indians.

Hero Lectro launches H4 and H7+ electric bicycles

The H4 e-cycle can be chosen in Mystic Purple and Vibrant Distance Red colors. Whereas the H7+ is available in two paint schemes – Lava Red and Storm Yellow Grey. A 7.8 ampere hour battery is provided in H4 and H7+ to easily reach distant destinations. A maximum range of 40 km can be obtained from it. The battery will be fully charged in 4.5 hours.

Key features present in the H4 and H7+ include the ignition system, which enhances the safety of both bikes. The company believes that these can become an alternative to conventional internal combustion engines i.e. gasoline powered motorcycles and scooters in urban and suburban areas.

A 250 watt BLDC motor is provided to power the two electric bicycles. The maximum speed is 25 km per hour. So no license will be required to drive. Also with IP67 rating, driving in monsoons will not be a problem. The H7+ comes with front suspension and MTB tires to stay nimble even on downhill trails.



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