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Hero is really irresistible! Honda also sold more than 100,000 bike-scooters in June

Millions of Indians buy scooters and motorbikes for their personal use every month. Nowadays the demand for two-wheelers with good features is increasing. Apart from this, the issue of mileage and price is also given importance. It is good to say that sales of commuter bikes and scooters are the highest in this country. The trend continues in June. Indian two-wheeler companies released sales figures last month. These include Hero MotoCorp, Honda, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, TVS and Bajaj. This report provides sales statistics of companies in India.

Hero MotoCorp and Honda are first

Like other months, Hero MotoCorp retained the title of the country’s “largest two-wheeler company” in June as well. Statistics show that the company sold a total of 4,22,757 units of motorcycles and scooters last month. However, sales were down by 16% and 9% compared to June and May of 2023, respectively. Honda took the second place. The Japanese firm totaled 3,02,756 two-wheelers in the previous month. Compared to June 2022 and May this year, sales declined by 15% and 2.7% respectively.

TVS and Bajaj

TVS ranks third in two-wheeler sales. A total of 2,35,838 units of motorcycles and scooters of the company were placed in the garages of new customers in June. Sales have improved by 22 percent compared to June of the previous year. However, this year sales fell by 6.6% compared to May. Bajaj sold a total of 1,66,292 units of the two-wheeler in the previous month. The company has increased its sales by 33 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Suzuki and Royal Enfield

Suzuki Motor Corporation sold a total of 80,737 models of scooters and motorcycles in June this year. Sales were up 18.7 percent over the same period last year. Finally, Royal Enfield sold 67,495 units of motorcycles in the country last month. Which is 34 percent more than June of the previous year.

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