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Helmet Buying Guide: Things to look out for when buying a helmet

It is essential to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. Whether it's a weekend outing, going to the office or going out on a daily basis, wearing a helmet is an epitome of safe riding. Not only the driver but also the passenger should have a helmet. It is also important to escape from the clutches of the police. Again, the helmet is very effective in preventing external dust, wind shock. Now the thing is, buying this helmet is not easy. It's not like I went to the store and walked away with a bargain helmet. It is important to note several things. Today's report sheds light on that.

It should be comfortable and equal to the shape of the head

Most importantly, when buying a new helmet, check whether it is comfortable at all. In that case, you must have an idea about the shape of your head. However, the best way to tell if a helmet is comfortable is to try it on. After wearing the helmet, care should be taken not to create any pressure on the face.


The most important part of the helmet is the visor. Most people are indifferent to this. Many buy helmets with smoked or iridium visors to look good. But such a helmet is not at all suitable for driving. Especially when riding at night and in rain. Clear vision does not match it. Even helmets with yellow visors are not very convenient. Whether at night or day, clear visors are considered the best for riding bikes and scooties.

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How advanced is the helmet cushion?

Unfortunately, when faced with an accident, helmet cushions play a major role in saving the driver's life. Most of the impact of bike injuries goes through it. It should not be soft, hard or flat.

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ISI certified helmets

Before buying a helmet, check whether it is certified by ISI. The said authority checks the health of the helmet and issues the seal. So there is no doubt about its quality. Even if caught by the police, the ISI wants to see if the badges are there. So it is wise to buy such a helmet.

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