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Heat Wave: Jio, Airtel are increasing the tension, may get a big shock after the polls

This summer season in India has taken a terrible shape. Since April, the scorching heat in various parts of the country, including West Bengal in Djerba, has created heatwave conditions, with the mercury blowing in most parts of the country, and a word 'heat-wave' has become part of our daily routine. In this case, it's uncomfortable to go out, there is no peace inside the house! However, this unbearable heat and heat waves are not the only things that make life miserable for humans or other animals. Telecom companies have also been hit hard by the scorching summer, which may slow down network expansion.

The excitement of the country's telecom companies has also increased with the heat

In fact, with the increase in temperature in the last few weeks, the cost of using air conditioners in the towers of telecom companies like Reliance Jio, Airtel has increased. As these telecom tower base stations are very important to provide 24×7 i.e. uninterrupted mobile connection, hence they also need proper maintenance. According to a report in Economic Times (ET), industry executives and analysts said that if the heat wave situation does not change or improve in the coming months, Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea will need the power to keep their mobile towers operational. And spend more on fuel.

According to them, if the temperature does not drop and the heat wave conditions continue, the electricity and fuel costs of telecom companies to maintain the air conditioning required for the machines installed in the towers may increase by 3% to 5%. Incidentally, network companies in India are used to working in hot weather. But experts also believe that this year's extreme heat or heat wave conditions may slow down the network expansion of telcos. So even if Kalboishakhi finally comes to Bengal, it is difficult to say what will happen to the storm on mobile communication!


After the polls, the problem may worsen

Power and energy account for 45-55 percent of the annual network operating costs of telecom companies in India. In this case, the cost of diesel to run the tower is one of them – the cost of diesel or fuel is on the third place in the list of expenses of the companies. In that case, if the price of diesel increases after the Lok Sabha elections, the problem of telecom companies will increase. Airtel had already hinted to increase the recharge cost after the polls, so there is no doubt that if the situation is such that the hint will come true!

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