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Have to go out with car, bike every day? This small device will keep safe from theft-fraud-accident

The use of dashcams in cars is becoming more and more popular day by day. The qualities of this electronic gadget cannot be overstated. Especially useful in proving oneself innocent in an accident or recording a fraud.

Dependence on technology continues to increase with time. The same is the case with vehicles. The use of video cameras to record various moments out on the street has increased. Which can be done very easily from the smartphone. But in that case either the driver or someone else is needed. In this case dashcam can make the problem easier. Just attach it once to car dashboard or bike windshield. Lately many Indians are making videos using this dash cam. Unfortunately, in the event of an accident, the recording remains as direct evidence of who is really at fault. There are also many other benefits. Let's find out about 5 advantages of using a dashcam.

Evidence of an accident

Unfortunately if an accident happens while driving a car or bike, the entire recording is on the dashcam. In that case it becomes easy to verify the truth of the incident. Proving that you are innocent becomes a left handed game. Some dashcam models have GPS tracking as an additional feature. In this case, the speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident is known.

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Protection against fraud

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Various car insurance frauds have become a common occurrence in India today. But if there is a dashcam, the detailed details of the incident will be recorded. Also, this electronic gadget is a match for those who make false claims.

Parking security

Many dashcams also have a parking mode. which continues recording while parked even with the engine off. As a result, even if the car is stolen, it can be found.

Road trip capture

Dashcams are not only useful for accidents and safety. It is also especially useful for keeping memories of a long trip. Some dashcams have high quality cameras. Which makes a beautiful picture.

Prevention of police misconduct

Dashcams are especially helpful if you ever witness police misconduct or corruption. All recordings can be kept and produced before the law. As a result, it will be easy to prove yourself innocent.

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