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Happy Republic Day 2024: Send Republic Day wishes to your loved ones on WhatsApp at night

People all over India will observe the 75th Republic Day at night. And since nowadays we use smartphones from the start of the day till the time we go to sleep at night, so tomorrow more or less everyone will be using smartphones and various social media to send Republic Day greetings to each other. But this time, instead of sending the traditional Republic Day message, what if the message of the Republic can be sent in some other way? And to do this you can use WhatsApp Stickers this year. But if you don’t know how to send WhatsApp stickers then there is no reason to worry. Because, in this report we will tell you how to send Republic Day greetings messages by sending WhatsApp Stickers.

How to wish republic day on whatsapp with stickers?

  • First go to Google Play Store.
  • Then search by typing “Republic Day Stickers” in the search option.
  • After searching, select the desired sticker from the results you get.
  • Now open the sticker pack and click on “Add” or “Add to WhatsApp” option.
  • Now click on “Add” button to confirm the stickers.
  • After adding the sticker pack, go to WhatsApp and open any individual or group chat.
  • Now go to sticker section and click on already added sticker pack.
  • Then you wish your loved ones on Republic Day with stickers.



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