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Good news for WhatsApp users, this essential feature has arrived

WhatsApp has released a new update for its Android beta users. Under the latest version an important feature called ‘Simplifying Media Selection’ has been introduced. This feature will help find and send media files more easily. Simply put, the feature will make it easier to select and send images, videos or GIFs on WhatsApp by offering numbered thumbnails instead of tick marks. The ‘Simplifying Media Selection’ feature has been introduced mainly to enable users to view their selected media files sequentially and organize them according to their preferences. Android beta users can download this new update from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp has introduced Simplifying Media Selection feature for their Android version

WhatsApp users get the option to send more than one media file. But till now selected files were indicated with check or tick marks. As a result, firstly, one could not be sure about which images or videos were selected. Second, it would have been impossible for many to remember which content was selected after which. In short, this kind of ‘media selection’ system creates a challenging situation. And this is why the messaging platform has decided to bring the ‘Simplifying Media Selection’ feature under its latest ‘WhatsApp for Android Beta’ update. With this feature, each selected media file can be identified with a unique number. But we have also seen such a numbering system in Facebook, another meta-proprietary platform.

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Earlier, when sending multiple files on WhatsApp, users had to rely entirely on their memory to understand which one was selected. Because only tick marks exist next to the selected files. Hence, many could not remember the order of the selected content and struggled to maintain the desired order. But with this latest update released for the Android beta version, users can now send media items in their preferred order. Best of all, thumbnails have a numbering system that allows you to easily adjust and organize media files.

This latest update of WhatsApp is currently available for beta testers in select regions. Eligible users can install this beta update on their Android devices from the Google Play Store. And the Meta-owned platform confirmed that the simplifying media selection feature will be rolled out to the public once it successfully passes the beta testing phase. Although not every user will get access to this feature at once, its stable version will be released periodically in every region.

Incidentally, Halfway through WhatsApp has announced to offer screen-sharing option during video calls for their Windows beta version. Functionally, this feature is almost identical to the screen-sharing features of Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. That is, users will be able to share the content displayed on their device’s screen or a specific window with everyone connected to the call by selecting the corresponding option from the video call control panel. And if you want to stop sharing the screen of the device, click on the “Stop Sharing Screen” button.

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