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Good news for Airtel customers, lots of internet data at just Rs 49, instant recharge

India’s second largest telecom company Airtel has launched a new data plan priced at Rs 49. And this new data plan will allow you to use 6 GB data for a day. Airtel customers can safely use it with their primary plan. For this, there will be no change in the benefits of the primary plan. But at the moment Airtel has many more data plans in its portfolio apart from Rs 49. Let’s take a look at them too…

Get two data plans of Airtel for less than 30 rupees

Airtel has two more data plans with one day validity. Which you will get at just Rs.19 and Rs.29 respectively. Out of this, 1 GB data is available in the Rs 19 plan and 2 GB data in the Rs 29 plan.

Airtel’s Rs 181 and Rs 149 data plans

Airtel Rs 181 data pack recharge offers 1 GB data per day with 30 days validity. And you can recharge it with your primary plan as well.

Recharging Airtel’s Rs 149 plan will give you the same validity as the primary plan and 1GB data. Also enjoy free Sony Live with this plan.

301 data plan of Airtel

If you recharge this Airtel plan, you will get 50 GB data and same validity as the primary plan. Also, this plan comes with a premium subscription to Wink Music for free.

Apart from these, Airtel has another plan of Rs. 148. It offers free access to Xtreme apps with 15GB data and same validity as premium plan.



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