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With durability, it will also look good, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra coming with a titanium frame?

Samsung may launch its next-generation flagship smartphone Galaxy S24 Ultra with several cutting-edge technologies as well as a titanium alloy frame. Popular leakster Ice Universe (Ice Universe) has claimed so. In fact, he was recently seen sharing a picture of a periodic table with the number ’22’ on Twitter. Let us know, in the language of physics, 22 is the atomic number of titanium. As a result, as soon as this post came out, speculation started that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone might use a titanium alloy frame.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone may use a titanium frame

A few days ago it emerged that Apple might use premium-grade materials in its upcoming iPhone 15 series ‘Pro’ models. Soon after this information was revealed, news of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra model with a titanium alloy frame spread online. However, since the company itself has not confirmed this information, we cannot swear that the news is 100% true right now. Again, tipster Ice Universe has so far brought up the rumors regarding Samsung devices, most of them have come true. As a result, we cannot rule out rumors.

And if indeed the upcoming phone uses titanium alloy, it will be able to offer a better ‘strength-to-weight’ ratio than stainless steel or aluminum alloy frames. It is for this reason that many brands are now choosing to bring their flagship devices with titanium alloy bodies. In this case, it is not possible that Samsung will lag behind in this matter…

Meanwhile, a latest report from Sammobile claims that the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup may include an “Armour Aluminum” frame and that the titanium alloy frame will be reserved for future flagship models.

However, if the information shared by tipster Ice Universe turns out to be true, we guess the upcoming Galaxy S24 flagship series ‘Ultra’ phone with a titanium alloy frame will offer a more advanced durable body-build and ‘luxury’ look than its predecessors.

Incidentally, the South Korea-based tech giant is also reportedly planning to use new battery technology in its upcoming Galaxy S24 series. In this case, this new battery technology is inspired by ‘electronics vehicles’ or electric vehicles and is able to significantly increase the performance of the battery in the device.

Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta
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