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Weather Update: The phone will tell you how the weather will be tomorrow hourly, make these settings

Nowadays it is very difficult to predict the weather in advance. So many people have to go out of the house without complete preparation and face danger. However, you can easily get Weather Update by placing Weather Widget on the home screen of iPhone and Android devices.

In this case, let us tell you that the weather update widget can be easily set on Android and iOS phones. Although many third-party weather apps are also available, real-time weather updates are easily available through the device’s built-in service. So if you want to get alerts on your phone before it rains, learn how to set a widget on the screen.

How to get weather forecast through iPhone?

For all iPhone users running iOS 16 or later, set the Weather widget as follows.

1. First go to the home screen and long press. Then touch the plus icon displayed on the left.

2. Then there you need to search for Weather widget and drag the displayed widget and set it on homescreen.

In this widget you will get all information about weather. Also here you can see ten days weather forecast.

How to see weather forecast on Android device?

If you are using Android smartphone then setting weather widget is very easy for you.

1. For this first you need to long press on the home screen.

2. Then search for Weather Widget.

3. Long tap on it and drag it to the right place on the screen. Then you can see the weather forecast regularly.

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