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This time AI will edit the picture, OnePlus sent a new update to the phone with a big surprise

The company has released the latest OxygenOS update for Indian users of the OnePlus Nord CE 4 smartphone. This update brings several upgrades, including a new AI Eraser tool for photos. Initially, it is being rolled out to a limited number of OnePlus Nord CE 4 users, but the update is expected to be rolled out to all handsets soon. Let's find out what the OxygenOS update has to offer.

OxygenOS update arrived on OnePlus Nord CE 4 phones

The main focus of the OxygenOS update is on system improvements, such as improved stability and better power consumption in certain situations. This update promises better Bluetooth connectivity on the OnePlus Nord CE4 phone, especially when making calls with Bluetooth headphones.

One of the main features of OxygenOS update is AI Eraser, through which users can easily remove unwanted objects from any photo with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, the camera performance of the OnePlus Nord CE4 handset is said to have been improved, which ensures smoother video recording and an improvement in overall quality. Although the update is currently only available in India, OnePlus plans to roll it out to other regions in the future, though the exact timeframe is yet to be announced.

Note that early recipients of this new update for OnePlus Nord CE 4 phones can report any issues by dialing *#800# from their device and following some instructions, OnePlus said. If the over the air (OTA) notification does not arrive, users can manually check the availability of the OxygenOS update by going to their phone's settings, clicking on About Device and navigating to the Oxygen OS option.



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