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This company’s phone is coming to the burning smell of plastic, you have the same problem?

Samsung includes a stylus called S Pen with many of their tablets and Galaxy S series Ultra models. S Pen is very popular among Samsung users for various tasks including drawing on the screen. However, users are facing some problems in using this stylus. Basically, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users have complained that the S Pen smells like burnt plastic. However, as soon as this incident came to light, Samsung said in a statement that it is normal. Previous S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra models with S Pen are reported to have the same problem. As long as it does not cause any problems in use, it is recommended to ignore it by the company.

Samsung authorities claim that the burnt plastic smell of the S Pen will not harm in practice

Many Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users on social media have reported the existence of this problem and feel that the burning smell of the S Pen can adversely affect the performance of the device. But as mentioned earlier, Samsung says that the burning smell will not harm the phone. Some say that the device heats up while working while on and that’s why the smell is emitted. Users of earlier Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra models also reported experiencing the same issue.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra models have yet to experience any S Pen-related issues due to the burnt smell. So it is thought that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will not have any major issues due to this. The moderator of the Samsung forum has already said that the smell of the S Pen will not cause any problem in running the phone.

Note that the Samsung Galaxy S24 series was launched in January this year. The South Korean company carefully tests its products. Especially, after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, with an eye on user safety, Samsung releases every device in the market after conducting quality control tests under very strict conditions. So there is no reason for users to worry about this.



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