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Thinking of buying a Vivo phone? Check out the V, Y, X, or T series phones

Vivo's portfolio includes multiple smartphone lineups across various segments. In this case, each series is individually customized based on the needs of the buyers. As a result, each series has been launched with one of a kind uniqueness. For those looking to buy a camera-centric Vivo phone, there's the V series. Again, if you want a handset that offers great performance with a trendy design within a budget then you should check out the Y series. Meanwhile, the X series is ideal for those who demand top-notch performance and cutting-edge technology. Besides, there is Vivo T series to buy a value-for-money smartphone with powerful processor, long battery life, fast charging, advanced audio system.

However, if you are confused as to which smartphone from the Vivo lineup is right for you, below is a point-by-point explanation of the features of each series. Besides, you will also get information about some popular models of Vivo V, Y, X, and T series and their prices in this report.

Vivo V series:

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V series smartphones from the Vivo brand are usually mid-range or premium mid-range. The series is camera-centric and prioritizes aesthetics. For example, we can talk about the recently launched Vivo V30 series of devices. The series comes with the new Aura Light and excellent optics department with co-engineered lenses by ZEISS. Below are some key features of Vivo V series smartphones –

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  • Camera-Focused: The V series phones offer an advanced camera system with a high-resolution primary sensor and multiple auxiliary lenses. Which – supports camera features like night mode, portrait mode
  • Stylish Design: The series handsets are launched with sleek and premium build quality, eye-catching finishes and trendy designs.
  • Balanced performance: V series smartphones are not ideal for heavy gaming. Not to mention performance-focused. But offers smooth user experience for daily tasks.

Some popular smartphones of Vivo V series –

  • Vivo V30 5G : Rs 33,999
  • Vivo V30 Pro 5G : Rs 37,999
  • Vivo V30e : Rs 27,999
  • Vivo V29e 5G : Rs. 25,999
  • Vivo V29 : Rs 32,999
  • Vivo V29 Pro : Rs 39,999

Vivo Y Series:

The Y series is aimed at budget-conscious buyers. In this regard, those who want good camera performance, especially those who are particularly interested in taking great quality selfies, can choose models from this lineup. Besides, the phones offer features and trendy designs that are needed for everyday work. Below are some of the highlights of the series –

  • Budget-friendly: Vivo usually tries to keep its Y series phones under Rs 25,000. Because by bringing the handset with such an affordable selling price, it is possible to reach a large number of buyers in a short period of time.
  • Trendy design: While 'budget-friendly' smartphones come under the Y-series, almost every model offers attractive looks. The devices are launched with stylish designs like vegan leather, rear dual-tone finishing.
  • Ideal for daily use: Y-series devices do not offer fast performance. However, handling a variety of daily activities, such as – scrolling through social media or multitasking provides convenience.

Some popular smartphones of Vivo Y series –

  • Vivo Y18: Rs 8,999
  • Vivo Y18e : Rs 7,999
  • Vivo Y200 5G : 21,999 Tk
  • Vivo Y28 5G : Rs 13,999
  • Vivo Y200e : Rs 20,999

Vivo X Series –

The X series is considered to be the best of every smartphone lineup in the Vivo brand portfolio. So the company called this series as 'Power House'. The devices in this lineup are designed to offer top-notch performance and state-of-the-art technology. Besides, each model is launched with powerful processor, impressive display features and best-in-class camera system.

  • Advanced camera technology: X series smartphones offer flagship-grade optics developed by ZEISS, capable of delivering excellent image quality. Each handset also includes Zeiss Cine-Flare Portrait, Cinematic, Biotar, Planar, Distagon and Sonar modes. So users can enjoy a professional-grade portrait camera access experience.
  • Superior Display: Some of the Vivo X series models are among the existing list of smartphones with the best display panels in the global market. The handsets belonging to this lineup – come with features like high refresh rate, maximum brightness and LTPO screen. So as to provide 'Truly Immersive' viewing experience.
  • Peak Performance: Vivo X series devices launch with the latest processors for seamless gaming and multitasking. Due to which the phones are able to provide flagship-grade feature usage experience.

Some of the popular Vivo X series smartphones –

  • Vivo X100: Rs 63,999
  • Vivo X100 Pro : 89,999 Tk

Vivo T Series –

The T-series, known as Vivo's performance-focused lineup. Budget-friendly smartphones with fancy features are offered under this series. In this case, the phones include powerful processors, long battery life, excellent camera department, fast charging and various other features.

  • Performance-focused: T-series devices come with powerful processors and high RAM capacity to deliver multitasking and smooth gaming experience.
  • Feature-rich package: T-series smartphones are feature-packed. These – offer features like stereo speaker system, fast charge and long battery life – also at an affordable price.
  • Trendy Design: T-series smartphones are launched with trendy designs like textured back and boxy frame.

Some popular smartphones of Vivo T series –

  • Vivo T3 : Rs. 19,999
  • Vivo T3x : Rs 13,499
  • Vivo T2 Pro 5G : Rs 23,999


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