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These smartphones will become useless from August 1, is your phone not on the list?

Android based smartphones mean a variety of features at your fingertips. And so most people around the world use this software handset to get more attractive features and benefits at a lower price. But if you are using an Android smartphone, and it is quite old, then you should not miss an important news. Or you will be in big trouble! The fact is that Android maker Google has announced that it will end support for the service on select smartphones; This will turn phones into virtual toys. In this case, the company’s decision will apply to handsets running Android 4.4 or KitKat software version and their users will face various problems.

Is your smartphone 10 years old? be careful

For information, 10 years ago today means KitKat Android software was launched in 2013. In that case, if your smartphone is running this version of KitKat or the age of the phone is 10 years old, then Google will stop its system from working. According to reports, this may be effective across the country from August 1.

In this regard, Google, regarding the discontinuation of system support, has stated that currently only 1 percent of Android smartphones and tablets are based on the Android KitKat system. So these smartphones will no longer support Google Play services.

What to do if you have an old phone?

Stopping Google Play support means that the phone’s operating system will stop working completely. This will make it not safe to use, and its apps will also not get new updates. Most smartphone users these days try to use the latest device or OS, so if you happen to have a phone running KitKat, replace it immediately!



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