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The theft of lakhs of rupees for iPhone, suicide of 17-year-old boy, where is childhood today?

As technology, smartphones and the internet have taken a big place in our lives now, there is no doubt that these and the daily routines are having a negative impact on childhood and youth. No more playing in the field in the afternoon, simple spontaneity, etc.; If you look around, you can see that smartphones are in the hands of very young children like drugs. Moreover, it is often heard about the attraction of the young generation to the net world or the danger of falling into the trap of online games. But surprisingly, children are eager to buy expensive iPhones at an early age, and they are not shying away from stealing them. Not only that, if they are scolded for stealing, they are taking big steps like suicide! At least a recent incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Gazipur bears witness to this. In this case, a 17-year-old boy first stole from the house and then decided to commit suicide when his father scolded him.

Father reprimanded for theft, police found youth’s body hanging

According to media reports, the 17-year-old boy who committed suicide, identified as Rajavardhan Yadav, lived in Mumbai’s Mira Road. Recently he passed his 10th class examination with 45 percent marks. But perhaps more important than the exam was buying an iPhone. Recently, he came to his house in Gazipur and stole 1 lakh rupees that he had deposited for his sister’s wedding and left for Mumbai again, with the intention of buying the latest iPhone 14 handset.

But after learning about the theft, Rajavardhan’s father asks him to come home from Mumbai and scolds him. After that, Rajavardhan committed suicide on his way home from Mumbai. Police found his body hanging from a tree near the railway line in Kalyan. A new iPhone was also found in his pocket.

A teenager stole Tk 36 lakh from his mother’s bank account in Halfil

Just a few days ago, a 16-year-old teenager stole Tk 36 lakh from his mother’s account while playing a mobile game. According to Hyderabad Cyber ​​Police sources, the teenager did this while playing the popular Free Fire game. His father is dead and the money he spent was his mother’s accumulated earnings.

All in all, now only one question arises, time is moving and with it our life is becoming dependent on smartphone-internet, but childhood? Where does it stand?

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