Home News Gadgets The sale of this iPhone will stop soon, and you can’t buy iPad Mini 4, why

The sale of this iPhone will stop soon, and you can’t buy iPad Mini 4, why

The sale of this iPhone will stop soon, and you can’t buy iPad Mini 4, why

Apple divides the devices in their portfolio into multiple categories. In which the old products are placed in two categories named ‘obsolete’ (obsolete) and ‘vintage’ (vintage). In fact, the tech giant refreshes its portfolio by identifying devices that will no longer benefit from software updates, services and repairs in the future and moving them into the two categories. Recently the iPhone 6 Plus model that debuted in September 2014 has been listed as ‘obsolete’. Official software support and service for this is going to end soon. On the other hand, the 9-year-old iPad Mini 4 tablet has been tagged ‘vintage’.

As mentioned earlier, Tim Cook’s company divides its older-generation products into ‘vintage’ and ‘obsolete’ categories. In this case products that have been launched within 5 to 7 years and are no longer available for sale are termed as ‘vintage’. On the other hand, products that have stopped being delivered for sale more than 7 years ago are considered ‘obsolete’. In this case, the company also stops hardware related services after a certain period of time for devices belonging to the Obsolete category. In contrast, vintage products still receive operating system or software updates later, but the number is less than that of the latest devices. Also, no other services are available with vintage products

Incidentally, the standard iPhone 6 phone was also launched alongside the iPhone 6 Plus model, which comes with a headphone jack. Both devices are now 10 years old. But while the ‘Plus’ variant is included in the Obsolete category, the standard model is yet to receive this title. In fact, the device is still widely used and even sold in many countries. As a result, the demand for the iPhone 6 remains high even after a decade, so it is not placed on the obsolete list.

Meanwhile, the iPad Mini 4 tablet was launched in 2015. It is included in the vintage category in Halfil. However, according to the rules, it has been confirmed by the organization that 2 more years of support and service will be provided for this. In this case, as long as the required parts are available, the service will be provided. This means that support and service can be terminated even before 2 years if the availability of parts ceases.

Incidentally, the tech giant has recently declared the red color variants of both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models as vintage. Now again those two devices are added to the list.


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