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The price is around 2 crore rupees, why buyers rush to buy this iPhone

Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. Since then till now people’s craze for iPhone has not decreased at all, rather the interest towards it is increasing every year. That’s why Apple has become the best-selling smartphone company this year. But today the company made headlines for a rare iPhone auction, not because of the phone’s features or sales.

The iPhone model that has been auctioned is no ordinary iPhone. It is a rare model that comes with 4 GB of storage. Because Apple launched very few 4GB storage variant iPhones. And this is why it has become a coveted product today.

Last year, a similar iPhone was auctioned off, fetching $190,000. Then an 8GB model went up to $63,000. So the price of this 4GB version is naturally expected to skyrocket.

Rare 4GB iPhone model possible price

This particular iPhone will be available in sealed and unused condition with original packaging. Rumors have started that the price of this iPhone will surpass all previous auction records and its possible price will be 200,000 dollars i.e. about 1 crore 66 lakh rupees.



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