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The launch of the new iPhone SE 4 was delayed by another 2 years, why is Apple so late?

Apple usually launches a new generation Phone SE every two years. The third generation i.e. iPhone SE 2022 smartphone debuted last year as an affordable alternative to the iPhone series. So according to this tradition the successor model is supposed to be launched next year. But according to various sources, the launch of iPhone SE 4 may be delayed. Barclays’ findings intensified that speculation.

iPhone SE 4 launch may be delayed

Analysts at Barclays have blamed supply chain issues for the delay in the launch of the next-generation iPhone SE (likely to be called the iPhone SE 4). In a research note issued to the company’s investors, Barclays analysts noted that the delay could be due to problems with 5G modems.

Note that Apple has been working on its own baseband chip since acquiring Intel’s smartphone modem business. Two Barclays executives previously said the iPhone SE 4 will use the company’s own 5G modem instead of Qualcomm’s. However, it is now known that the iPhone 16 series in 2024 as well as the next iPhone SE to be launched in 2025 will use Qualcomm’s modem instead of Apple’s as before.

However, the 5G modem issue isn’t the only reason for the iPhone SE’s delayed arrival. It is reported that display manufacturer BOE is also having trouble producing the low-cost OLED displays it needs. The upcoming model is already known to have an OLED panel instead of the LCD panel used in the current iPhone SE 2022. However, this is not the first time that the iPhone SE series of phones has been delayed. There was a gap of four years between the first-generation iPhone SE and the second-generation SE launched in 2020.



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