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The foldable phone could not impress the buyers, the Nothing boss is adamant about his statement without apologizing

In a recent interview, nothing smartphone company CEO Carl Pei (Carl Pei) has started a lot of discussion. He claimed in the interview that there is nothing special about foldable smartphones that everyone should be excited about. It’s like these phones are being promoted forcefully, and every smartphone looks pretty much the same. After that, he was severely criticized on social media for his comments. Although in this context why he made this comment, today Carl Pei explains it fully.

Asked about foldable phones, he said the technology is not yet profitable, and its customer base is limited. Also this technology still needs to be developed a lot. And so by 2023, he doesn’t want to make this phone in his company.

Earlier, a company executive said that he doesn’t think customers will look at their phone and think it would be great if it could be folded. Rather, these innovations are made by the manufacturers themselves and by these innovations they exert pressure on the consumers.

He also said it’s a good thing that some manufacturers are starting to make folding phones. But after folding, the company logo is no longer visible. So he feels that if the logo is not visible after folding, then as a buyer it will be a little difficult to understand which company the smartphone belongs to.

Notably, Nothing recently launched its Nothing Phone 2 in India, with prices starting at Rs 44,999. Pei insists that the second product is quite different from their first product in many ways. Because they have made several changes in this phone. However, there is no word yet on what their next product might be.

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