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The first such event in the company’s 55-year history! Samsung is going to be in trouble

Samsung is in big trouble. The South Korean tech giant may soon also face a labor strike for the first time in its 55-year history. At the heart of this conflict is the demand for a pay rise. The wage negotiations between the company and the labor union have been going on for several days. But the labor union is threatening to strike if there is no progress in these talks and the company does not meet their demands. The labor union is demanding a significant pay rise. Although Samsung has not objected to the raise at Mine, there is a significant gap between the percentage increase the union is seeking and what the company is willing to give them.

The conflict between Samsung’s management and workers over salary increases escalated

The National Samsung Electronics Union rejected Samsung’s initial 2.5% wage increase offer at the first mediation meeting last February. However, Samsung later revised it to offer a 2.8% raise, which would also include additional benefits such as extended vacation and health care options. But this is still well below the union’s desired growth of 8.1%.

The impasse is effectively leading to a workers’ strike, the first in the union’s 55-year history. Although the union secured the right to strike in 2022, it ultimately did not take final action. However, the current situation poses a huge risk of a walkout. A potential strike would disrupt Samsung’s operations, as well as its impact on the broader South Korean economy, which is a concern. The company is an important part of the world’s technology industry, so this prolonged conflict between workers and management could affect the technology industry around the world.

Let us inform you that today (March 8) there will be a second round of mediation meeting between Samsung authorities and workers. Which is going to be very important in determining the outcome of the labor dispute Both sides are under pressure to reach a compromise that addresses union concerns while protecting the company’s stability.



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