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The company lied about the OnePlus 12R’s features, hastily admitting mistakes for fear of being caught

As the saying goes, unintentional mistakes are forgivable. But OnePlus has unknowingly made a mistake that may pay the price. Let me explain the matter. OnePlus 12R debuted in the global market last month. At the time of launch, the company informed that UFS 4.0 storage technology has been used in some regional variants of the device. However, as it turns out, this information is not true. OnePlus officials recently admitted their mistake. According to a notification issued along with it, each variant of the OnePlus 12R smartphone offers UFS 3.1 onboard storage.

The OnePlus 12R smartphone has UFS 3.1 storage instead of UFS 4.0, the company admitted to the mistake

OnePlus president and COO Kinder Liu recently made an announcement on the company’s official forum. Where it is reported, a wrong information has been given by OnePlus regarding the features of OnePlus 12R smartphone. This phone was said to offer the latest UFS 4.0 storage, which is not correct. The device comes with UFS 3.1 storage system.

Note that the UFS 3.1 version is older than the UFS 4.0 variant. UFS 4.0 storage isn’t present on the OnePlus 12R, but it will be available on the OnePlus 12 flagship model that debuted alongside it. Meanwhile, the UFS 3.1 storage of the OnePlus 12R phone supports the new Trinity Engine, which offers fast app launch on the device and is capable of keeping the application locked feature open for up to 72 hours. Notably, the OnePlus 12R phone comes with 128GB and 256GB storage options.

After such a sudden admission from the company, many OnePlus 12R buyers are left angry. In this case, it is necessary to come to a settlement, said the official Kinder Liu. Due to which he said, a special announcement may be made on February 15 for OnePlus 12R buyers. The brand may have decided to compensate consumers for correcting their mistakes. However, it is not right to say anything for sure about this right away.

Incidentally, as the new OnePlus 12R smartphone went ‘out of stock’ shortly after the first sale (6th February), the second sale has been organized today i.e. 13th February. In this case, buyers who buy the handset from Amazon will additionally get the benefit of an exchange bonus of Rs 4,000. Apart from this, if you pay using the card of the selected bank, you will also get an instant discount of Rs. 1,000

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