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The Chinese company is the most preferred smartphone brand among young women, not Apple or Samsung, says a survey

Realme is now the most preferred brand among the young generation in India. Attractive design, affordable price and use of latest technology have taken it to the peak of popularity. A new survey reveals the factors young Indians judge when choosing a smartphone.

The most popular mobile phone brand among the young generation of India right now is Realme! Yes, that's what comes out of a survey. Popular market research firm Counterpoint Research conducted a survey of 16 to 25-year-old Indians to find out what parameters are most important to them when buying a smartphone. The survey results show that “value for money” and “latest technology” are the two most important factors for them. 25% and 18% of respondents chose these two factors respectively. Realme has become the most preferred brand now due to its affordable price along with latest technology and impressive design.

Realme has become the preferred brand of the young generation of India

A new study by Counterpoint Research has revealed that Chinese smartphone maker Realme is the most popular among India's youth 58% of respondents aged 18-25 voted for Realme. The company is loved by youngsters for offering the latest technology, value for money and stylish design under Rs 20,000. Let us know that Xiaomi and Vivo are in the second and third positions with 54% and 53% votes respectively.

The survey revealed that whether the phone was “value for money” became the most important factor for one-quarter of respondents. Besides, the use of latest technology in the device is one of the criteria.

Commenting on Realme's popularity among the 18 to 25-year-old age group, senior analyst Arushi Chawla noted that the younger generation moves towards buying smartphones with great enthusiasm. He also said that the latest technology, an affordable deal at an affordable price and a premium look are considered the most important factors for a smartphone among young women. He revealed that nearly 60% of the country's smartphone market falls in the sub-Tk 20,000 price range.

In February this year, another market research firm IDC also released their survey report on the Indian smartphone market this year. According to this report, after experiencing a significant decline in market share in the three quarters of last year, Realme still holds the third position in India with a market share of 12.5%.



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