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TCL is bringing several 5G smartphones to the market, the special technology of the display will keep the eyes healthy

TCL 50L 5G and TCL 50 Pro NXTPAPER 5G are expected to launch soon. TCL is known for innovation in display technology. As a result, the upcoming phones will have sharp and vivid image quality.

TCL initially unveiled the TCL 50 series at the Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024) event last February. Then in the last month of April they launched this latest number series in the market. The TCL 50 series includes the TCL 50 5G, TCL 50 SE, TCL 505 and TCL 501 models. But TCL is soon going to add two more new models in this series, these are TCL 50L 5G and TCL 50 Pro NXTPAPER 5G. The brand usually launches a lot of devices under their smartphone lineup. As such, the TCL 50 XL 5G model was earlier launched in the US.

TCL 50L 5G and TCL 50 Pro NXTPAPER 5G coming soon

An online database shows two different TCL devices with the names “TCL 50L 5G” and “TCL 50 Pro NextPaper 5G”. Although the launch date and specifications of these phones are not yet available, it is certain that TCL has started working on these smartphones. The TCL 50L 5G carries the “T550K” model number, while the TCL 50 Pro NextPaper 5G is shown with the “T803E” model number.

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At the moment, there is no information available beyond the model number and name of the upcoming TCL phones. TCL has earlier launched phones featuring “NextPaper” displays. The TCL40 series of phones have some models with NextPaper displays, including the previously unveiled TCL40 NextPaper. The TCL brand is known for innovative advancements in display technology. For example, NextPaper technology can reduce harmful blue light by 61% while maintaining sharp and vibrant images. The earlier TCL 40 NextPaper model has a FullHD+ resolution screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. In addition, the company offers the NextPaper feature on some tablets as well.

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Note that while TCL's display innovations are innovative, their phones are not high-end. As such, the regular TCL 50 5G model comes with the MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chipset and only offers a variant with 4GB of RAM. Although specific details about the specifications are lacking, the upcoming TCL 50L and TCL 50 Pro NXTPAPER models may also feature MediaTek chipsets.

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