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SMS will go without network, now Android 14 powered smartphones will have satellite SMS feature

The special technology of sending satellite messages has been added by Apple to their latest iPhone models. Specifically, it is available on iPhone 14 series handsets and it is not possible to include it via software update on previous generation iPhones due to hardware limitations. Satellite SMS does take a long time to reach the recipient, but it does not require the presence of a mobile network to send the message. It is suitable for people who are stuck in areas with no mobile network such as jungles or rural areas. And so Google is going to give this facility to their phones as well. According to a report, Google smartphones running Android 14 will also get the ability to send satellite SMS.

Google Pixel series will support the satellite SMS feature

The upcoming Google Pixel series of handsets will be the first Android phones to support special satellite SMS sending technology. The Google Pixel team has confirmed this. The feature will come with the Android 14 update. However, not every device running Android 14 operating system will support the Satellite SMS feature. Only devices with compatible hardware will offer this feature.

Keep in mind, to add the appropriate hardware to enable satellite SMS in smartphones, manufacturers will have to spend more. So, this feature is unlikely to be seen in mid-range or low-end devices. However, this technology is expected to be used in all flagship phones in the coming days.

If an existing device has the right hardware, the smartphone maker will be able to enable the Satellite SMS feature for customers whenever it gets the Android 14 update. It remains to be seen how such an expensive feature will fare in developing markets. It is worth noting, however, that Apple is currently offering their Satellite SMS feature for free in select countries. However, the company plans to start charging customers for the feature soon, and other brands are likely to follow suit.



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