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Smartphone also has an expiry date? Keep this in mind while buying

From food to medicine to beauty products – anything purchased from the market has an expiry date. As a result, they can no longer be used after a certain period of time. But smartphones? Does this small device that has become an integral part of our lives in recent times also have an expiry date? In fact, apart from making calls, smartphones are now used for photography, spending time on the Internet, etc. But the question of the validity of the smartphone and how long it can be used, does not come to anyone’s mind. But if you are thinking about it now, then you will get all the answers in this report of ours.

What is the lifespan of a smartphone?

To be honest, there is no fixed expiry date for smartphones. But of course it gets damaged at some point. Actually, there are some reasons due to which the smartphone gets damaged or gradually stops working properly.

In this case, if you are using a smartphone from a branded company, then it is natural to expect that it will serve you well for many years. But now companies have become very clever in making smartphones. Nowadays software updates stop within 2-3 years of buying a smartphone. This makes it very difficult to use the smartphone – the performance of the smartphone deteriorates due to lack of new updates. Moreover, some software update bugs also cause problems in the phone. Not only this, smartphone manufacturing companies also stop making phone accessories after two-three years. This naturally makes it difficult to use the smartphone even if it does not have an expiry date.

When should you buy a new phone?

These days new phones are coming in the market almost every day. But because of that it is not possible to buy new phones frequently. So experts say that the smartphone should be used as long as it is in usable condition. If your phone’s battery and performance become very slow, or it shows various issues, then you can buy a new phone.

Rishabh Garg
Rishabh Garg
Rishabh writes about the latest technology news for Naxon Tech


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