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Samsung phones are not working properly, the company blames Google for the problem

Recently, Samsung Galaxy S23 users are facing problems with their phone’s display. It appears that the touchscreen is not responding properly after installing the One UI 6.1 update. As a result, you are forced to repeatedly tap the screen to work. However, Samsung has pointed the finger at tech giant Google for this serious problem.

Apparently, a bug hidden within the Google Discover Feed app is at the root of this Samsung Galaxy S23 touchscreen becoming unresponsive issue. According to Samsung’s press release, the company is working with Google to remove the bug and provide a permanent solution. However, there is currently a workaround for this as well. For that, users have to go to the settings and clear the Google app data This may restore normal touchscreen functionality.

So currently Samsung Galaxy S23 users are waiting for a permanent solution. But one thing to consider here is that the function of software updates is to make the device better and problem free, not to create new problems. But this case is one of those areas where seemingly unrelated apps trigger unexpected issues, especially when Samsung’s default launcher is running on One UI Android. As a result, close collaboration between leading technology companies like Samsung and Google is crucial for a smooth user experience.

Hopefully, this situation won’t become too much of a problem for Samsung Galaxy S23 phone users and a permanent solution will come out soon. Galaxy S23 users get the prime touchscreen experience they’ve come to expect.



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