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Samsung has given a new update to the camera app to improve the quality of the photos, what have you got?

The name Expert RAW application is not at all unfamiliar to Samsung fans. It is actually an advanced smartphone camera app developed exclusively by Samsung. The Expert RAW app supports the Galaxy S20 series and its next-generation handsets and flagship phones like the Galaxy Z-series. Like any other app, it needs constant updates, so that users can improve their photography experience and capture their memories without any interruptions. Samsung also brings out updates for the Expert RAW app quite often. Now a new such update has been released. Let’s find out what new benefits will be available from it.

New update of Expert RAW camera app has been rolled out

This latest update to the Expert RAW app was rolled out to select users earlier this week, but is now available for all eligible devices. The version number of this new update is and its file size is 56.39 MB. This update improves image quality and fixes some bugs. Also, the update does not include any major additions or enhancements.

Notably, the latest Expert RAW app can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store and this update is compatible with most Samsung flagship devices launched since 2020. The new update is expected to be effective in improving the image quality and fixing all the issues that users faced with the app earlier.

Latest list of smartphones compatible with Samsung Expert RAW

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Ultra)

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Fold 3 and Fold 2



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