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Revolutionizing the world of smartphones, Oppo will introduce AI technology into every phone this year

Currently, the popularity of artificial intelligence or AI is increasing day by day in the smartphone industry. Now Oppo has taken an important step to make artificial intelligence more accessible to millions of its users. The company announced plans to integrate more than 100 generative AI features across its entire smartphone lineup by the end of 2024, reaching an estimated 50 million users.

Artificial intelligence in Oppo phones is about to rise to a new level

A dedicated AI R&D center has been established in Shenzhen, China, which will help Oppo realize this ambitious goal. The center focuses on core AI capabilities such as image processing, computer vision and natural language processing. Emphasizing its commitment to user privacy, Oppo has pledged not to use user data for training models and has implemented strong data protection measures.

Strategic partnerships with Google, Microsoft and MediaTek brands are a key pillar of Oppo's AI strategy. Google's Gemini Family of Language Models (LLMs) will be integrated into Oppo flagship phones, enabling features like AI Writer and AI Recording Summarization. AI Writer offers content suggestions, grammar checks and multi-language translation, while AI Recording Summary efficiently summarizes meetings and podcasts, highlighting key points.

Microsoft will bring their expertise in voice and text conversion. Oppo users will benefit from Microsoft Fast Transcription for smooth audio recording transcription and improved voice assistant interaction with Neural TTS. In addition, Oppo and Microsoft are collaborating on Desktop CoPilot, allowing users to create content, translate text and search for information on their smartphone via a connected PC.

The partnership with MediaTek mainly focuses on hardware optimization. The chipset is being built with a dedicated AI Processing Unit (NPU) to ensure smooth performance and efficient AI processing. Custom AI frameworks are being developed to leverage MediaTek's strengths while adding unique AI features to Oppo devices.

Notably, Oppo believes that consumer interest in AI phones will be long-term, transforming the mobile experience. The company envisions a future with better operating systems equipped with AI agents and multimodal interactions, paving the way for a complete AI phone ecosystem.



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