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Photos like DSLR cameras on smartphones? Don’t wait too long for that day

Camera quality has become one of the criteria for buyers while buying a smartphone in the current era. Manufacturers are therefore focusing more on mobile photography to meet the needs of consumers. Some brands in particular are constantly working to improve mobile cameras and even partner with major camera manufacturers. For example, the Chinese smartphone brand, Xiaomi, has been a partner of the famous German camera maker Leica for the past few years. OnePlus has joined hands with Hasselblad again.

The question may arise here, does every brand feel the need to join hands with an imaging company to improve their phone’s camera? The answer is, no. Some companies feel that they no longer need to depend on other companies to improve their camera systems. Because now a source has revealed that some smartphone makers are planning to start their own image development company soon.

Smartphone makers are going to create their own imaging companies

With advanced hardware, recent smartphones are capable of providing good photos, although most of them cannot provide the quality of photos taken by professional cameras. Multiple device manufacturers are working on mobile photography to constantly improve the quality and develop the camera more and more every day.

In this context now the tipster digital chat station has revealed an exciting information in its recent Weibo (Chinese microblogging site) post. He said some smartphone makers are preparing to end their exclusive partnerships with companies that manufacture camera lenses for their devices’ imaging systems and plan to set up their own private companies. However, the tipster did not specify which brand will establish its own imaging company.

From what the tipster said, it doesn’t seem like Xiaomi’s partnership with Leica will end immediately, but the company may decide to do so in the future. On the other hand, companies like Vivo or Oppo are likely to set up their own specialty imaging companies. Earlier, Huawei formed its own company called XMAGE after its partnership with Leica. This company works to improve the quality of photos and videos of Huawei devices.

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Mayank Gupta
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