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OpenAI brings a new smartphone with the help of ex-Apple employees to ace the iPhone

‘Generative Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) tools have been in widespread use for some time now. In this case, it would be better to say that the popularity of this technology has peaked due to the software called ChatGPT of OpenAI company. But after the recent success, now the company is working on a new smartphone, which is claimed to completely change the phone experience when it comes to the market. Even tech analysts did not shy away from commenting that this first handset of OpenAI could revolutionize the global smartphone industry. All in all, if this news is true, Tim Cook’s company Apple is going to face tough competition.

OpenAI company’s upcoming phone will be completely AI based

According to a latest report, the upcoming smartphone of the company OpenAI may be completely based on ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI). In this case, the device will be developed keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the mobile users.

Incidentally, several tech brands have already launched devices in the market that offer AI-based features. For example, South Korean tech giant Samsung has included multiple AI features in its latest smartphone series Galaxy S24. Google is also making some of these features available in their Pixel phones. However, so far no smartphone has come out in the market that performs entirely on AI technology. However, this initiative of OpenAI is raising special hopes in the minds of tech lovers.

Now let’s talk about the manufacturers. Note that OpenAI is not building this handset alone. This phone will be brought to the market hand in hand with another company named LoveFrom. In this case, the founder of Lovefrom company is Jony Ive. Who once worked for the tech giant Apple. But now he has created a new company, LoveFrom, with colleagues who have left Apple to take on Tim Cook. In which Halfil joined Tang Tan (Tang Tan), who was associated with Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch team. Tang Tan and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman (Sam Altman) are now responsible for working on this special AI device, which is being developed jointly by the two companies.

Most interestingly, there are more than 20 employees associated with the LoveFrom company who have worked with Apple for a long time. As a result, these people know everything about Tim Cook’s company’s device manufacturing strategy or feature integration pattern. In such a situation, if the new AI-based smartphones developed by OpenAI and Lovefrom come to the market, it seems that Apple’s sales will be significantly affected.



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