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OnePlus updated the older phone to improve battery, camera, and security

The OnePlus 11 flagship smartphone, launched earlier this year, received a software update today, boosting its Android security level up to June, 2023. And now, the OnePlus 10T phone launched last year is also rolling out the same security patch with a fix for an issue related to the camera app. Let’s take a closer look at this update.

The new software update for OnePlus 10T has been rolled out

OnePlus 10 comes with OxygenOS firmware version CPH2411_13.1.0.580(EX01). The firmware version indicates that this update is only available for Indian users. It comes with the latest Zune, Android security patches, improved system stabilization, better battery performance and improved camera stability. Let’s take a look at the changelogs for this update.

OxygenOS update changelog for OnePlus 10T


• June,2023 Android security patch to secure the phone.

• Improves system stability.

• Increases battery life in certain cases.

the camera

• Improves camera stability.

Starting today, the company has started rolling out the update for Indian users of the OnePlus 10T. Since updates are usually released in batches, there may be some delay in over-the-air (OTA) notifications reaching some users. However, it is expected that almost all the devices are going to get the update within the next week. To manually check for the update, users can navigate to their device’s settings menu. From there, go to System Options and select the Software Update tab. Next, tap on the option labeled Download and Install to start the update process.



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