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OnePlus, Realme and Oppo phones will no longer have similar features, the three companies are different

BBK Electronics is a Chinese company that manufactures various types of smartphones. And they are marketed under the brands Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, and Realme. However, these Chinese mobile companies, currently owned by BBK Electronics, have decided to operate as separate entities in India. Let’s find out why smartphone companies suddenly took such a decision.

However, there is still no confirmation from the companies in this regard. But according to a report, Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme are now set to operate independently in India. Till now these three companies were doing business in India under BBK Electronics. However, the central intelligence agency of our country has brought various charges against this company like income tax evasion, customs violation, fraud and money laundering, after which such a decision appears to be taken.

According to reports, BBK Electronics has legally handed over sales and distribution of OnePlus and Realme to OnePlus Technology India and Realme Mobile Electronics India. Earlier these issues were handled by Oppo Mobile India. Currently, Oppo Mobile India will only handle sales and distribution of Oppo mobiles. However, Oppo Mobile will continue to manufacture smartphones for all three brands.

It is to be noted that the Indian government conducted searches at various stores of Oppo and Vivo a few days ago. That’s why Oppo might be thinking, this investigation might affect their other brands like OnePlus and Realme as well. In such a situation, the company feels it is better to separate the business.

The report also states that, like Xiaomi, OnePlus and Realme are also looking for Indian manufacturers for their smartphone production.

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