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Nokia entered the business of reselling old phones in the hope of bringing back good times

With the aim of building an environment-friendly world with the refined use of technology, Nokia has announced the initiative of reselling refurbished smartphones i.e. old phones. HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets, recently released its Sustainability Progress Report for the year. It outlines some steps Apart from emphasizing the plantation drive, Nokia has also focused on remanufacturing the phones for resale.

Nokia’s new initiative to focus on protecting the environment

Apart from refurbishing the phone, Nokia has also dropped several accessories from its smartphone and tablet packages. Charging adapters and wired headsets – two of the most notable excluded accessories. HMD said that they have planted more than 4,18,000 trees so far and the tree plantation initiative is spreading across countries. The plantation drive is part of a partnership between HMD Global and Ecology.

Nokia has won several awards including the Ecovardis Platinum Award 2023 as the best company worldwide for providing excellent durability in their products. Consumers in the UK and Germany can currently buy recycled Nokia devices. However, Nokia plans to expand its recycling program to other markets as well. As a result, customers can buy used but durable Nokia phones at low prices.

In addition, HMD Global will donate returned and refurbished phones to service organizations, so that they do not end up in landfills and contribute to environmental pollution. The company has already donated around 700 phones to the digitally deprived. In addition, the organization has also helped remove up to 3.5 tonnes of plastic from the river.



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