Home News Gadgets Learning from failure, the Xiaomi 14T Pro will make a grand entry with powerful features

Learning from failure, the Xiaomi 14T Pro will make a grand entry with powerful features

Learning from failure, the Xiaomi 14T Pro will make a grand entry with powerful features

Xiaomi recently launched the top-end Xiaomi 14 Ultra smartphone under its flagship number series. It sits above the standard Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro models. Like last year, the company is rumored to launch some more number series handsets with T-branding this year as well. And now some important information about the Xiaomi 14T Pro model has been leaked online for the first time. Xiaomi 13T Pro entered the market last September. So it can be assumed that the 14T series is still several months away from hitting the market. But it is heard that the company has already started working on the Xiaomi 14T series. And now a report claims that the Xiaomi 14T Pro model could be the rebranded version of the Redmi K70 Ultra. Let’s find out about this in detail.

Xiaomi 14T Pro could be the rebranded version of Redmi K70 Ultra

The 13 series of Xiaomi became as popular as the 12 series of Xiaomi. The vibrant screen and faster charging of the 12 series have been missed in the successor models. According to a section of users, the only standout feature was the improved camera system. But now, the company has decided to do something new with the Xiaomi 14 series.

GSMChina has revealed some interesting information about the Xiaomi 14 Pro. Reportedly, the global version of the Xiaomi 14 Pro has appeared in the IMEI database with the model number “2407FPN8EG” and the Japanese version “2407FPN8ER”. That is, the smartphone is going to be launched in various regions of the world including Japan. Meanwhile the Chinese version of the phone carries a different model number, which is “2407FRK8EC” and most notably this model code is associated with the Redmi K70 Ultra. Although there may be some differences in specifications, both the phones are expected to be almost identical.

The Xiaomi 14T Pro is reportedly codenamed “rothko” and interestingly, the Redmi K70 Ultra also carries the same codename. Xiaomi often codenames their Redmi K-series inspired by painters. Incidentally, Mark Rothko was a famous American painter, best known for his “Color Field Paintings” or “Late Pictorial Abstractions”.

Although, details about the Xiaomi 14T Pro are yet to emerge, but it is reported that it will be powered by the powerful MediaTek processor, probably the Dimensity 9300. Expect some upgrades over the predecessor in the camera and other areas. The Redmi K70 Ultra phone will be officially unveiled in August and the Xiaomi 14T series could be unveiled soon after.


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