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Lakshmi Lakshmi in Smartphone India! People of this country bought 14.6 million phones, which brand is ahead in sales?

Over time, the quality of mobile phone has changed drastically and with it the word ‘smart’ has been added, and this small device (electronic device in modern parlance) has become a big part of human life. The biggest thing is that every now and then some new feature or technology is being added to the mobile phones, which is why many people are turning to newer models to stay updated even if they are not that old. All in all, the sale of smartphones in the market has increased significantly. In this regard, the new report published by the International Data Corporation or IDC recently revealed sensational information about this sales rate. In fact, the market analyst firm has prepared their report based on last year i.e. 2023, and it shows that this year various mobile brands sold 146 million (14.6 crore) phones in the Indian market. Undoubtedly, this figure is huge! However, the average selling price (ASP) of smartphones has also set a record of $255 (about Rs. 21,000), which is a 14 percent year-on-year growth compared to 2022. Let’s now take a look at the key highlights of the IDC report…

These brands sold the most smartphones in the market last year

  • Smartphone sales in the entry-level segment (priced at an average of Rs 8,300) are expected to grow by 12 per cent in 2023, with these phones accounting for 20 per cent of the market share. It should be noted that Xiaomi is ahead in shipping in this segment, followed by Poco and Samsung.
  • The monthly budget i.e. around 8,300 Tk to 16,600 Tk sales of smartphones stood at 44 percent at the end of the year. Phones from Vivo, Realme and Samsung have sold more in this segment.
  • The entry premium or mid-ranger category phones (with estimated prices ranging from Rs 16,600 to Rs 33,000) did not see a significant increase or loss in sales – meaning their sales neither increased nor decreased. The market share of this segment remains at 21 percent. Vivo and OnePlus are ahead in this regard.
  • Mid-premium (priced around Rs 33,000 to Rs 50,000) smartphone share stood at 5 per cent, with the category witnessing an impressive growth of 27 per cent. And OnePlus is leading in the sale of this type of phone, which has a market share of 35 percent.
  • In the premium and flagship segment (priced around Rs 50,000 to Rs 66,000), phones like the Apple iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 FE and OnePlus 11 were among the top picks. In this regard, Samsung has doubled its shipment number, surpassing Apple.
  • Apple and Samsung also led the way in sales of smartphones priced at Rs 66,000 and above in the super premium category. Surprisingly, this segment of the market recorded a high growth of 86 percent.

Top 10 Smartphone Brands in India by Market Share

Samsung has achieved the highest market share of 17% in the Indian market. Meanwhile, Vivo’s market share increased to 15.2 percent in 2023, from 14.1 percent in 2022. Again, Realme and Xiaomi are third and fourth respectively in terms of market share, as both of them saw a decline in shipments. Similarly, although the market share has decreased by 10.3 percent, Oppo is in fifth place. As premium brands, Apple and OnePlus occupied the sixth and seventh positions, increasing their market share to 38.6 percent and 48.7 percent, respectively. Besides, brands like Poco, Infinix and Tecno have made it to the list of top-ten brands in the market, offering great specifications at affordable prices.

India’s smartphone market has witnessed these instances as well

Incidentally, a total of 79 million (7.9 crore) 5G (5G) smartphones were sold in 2023 for the budget segment alone – the highest shipments being Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, Vivo T2x and Redmi 12 5G models. . And, sales of smartphones powered by MediaTek chipsets grew by 6 percent, while Qualcomm’s share fell to 25 percent. Vivo T2x, Redmi A2, and Realme C55 are MediaTek’s top shipping models in 2023.

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