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Joining Apple, Xiaomi, Google is bringing this live saving feature to smartphones

Satellite communication support has become one of the most important features in premium smartphones in today’s era. Various leading brands like Huawei, Apple, Oppo and Xiaomi have this special feature in their flagship phones by choosing satellite as a medium to communicate directly in areas where there is no network. added Now Google is testing Satellite SOS connectivity for its Pixel phones around the world. The feature has been spotted on many Pixel smartphones including the budget Pixel 6A smartphone.

Satellite SOS support on Google Pixel phones

If you want to use this new feature on your Pixel smartphone, you have to go to the device settings and tap on the Safety and Emergency option and select the Satellite SOS option. But here is a problem. While this new feature is available in the phone’s settings, it doesn’t appear to be working, indicating that the Satellite SOS connectivity feature is still a work in progress.

Meanwhile, 925Google got details on how the Satellite SOS connectivity feature works with a few rooted Pixel smartphones. The newly added feature displays a message on Pixel smartphones. The message tells users that “with your Pixel, you can deliver messages to emergency services and share your location when you can’t connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.”

Settings also have a simple and short feature description. It notes that Pixel users can call or text emergency services if there is no mobile network. Google also added that users can use Google Maps to share their location and answer questions about emergencies, which will help them get the right service.
Emergency services will be sent.

Please note that currently no smartphone in India supports satellite connectivity due to Indian government restrictions. Apple has restricted the use of satellite connections for its users in the United States and Canada. Google is even said to be adding an option to its Satellite SOS feature, which allows users to review what information is shared with emergency services. Pixel smartphones can also share their information with up to three essential contacts from their Google Account.

Google has told its Pixel users that when they connect to emergency services via satellite, some emergency information including their name, email, phone number, location, device information (IMAE, language, model, battery level) will be shared with emergency services and satellite services. Will be shared with providers

Note that Google is expected to launch satellite connectivity for Pixel smartphone users in various countries next month, but there is no word yet on its availability in India. Google has also created a page that will display countries that support satellite connections. It hasn’t gone live yet.



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