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iPhone: The days of complaints are over! The biggest problem with the iPhone’s camera is about to be solved

The flagship Apple iPhone 16 series is expected to enter the global market by September this year. Based on what has surfaced so far, the iPhone 16 will come with a few significant upgrades over its predecessor, the iPhone 15 series, including a dedicated capture button. Now a source has revealed the iPhone 16 Pro’s new lens coating, which could address two key issues with the iPhone’s camera system. If this is implemented, the iPhone 16 series cameras will see major improvements.

iPhone 16 Pro will have a new coating on the camera lens

Yeux1122, a tipster on the Naver platform, claims that the new technology that Apple is working on for their next-generation iPhone is known as Atomic Layer Deposition or ALD. It is a method of depositing an extremely thin (only a few nanometers thick) layer of a material on a surface. Now the question is what problems Apple actually plans to solve with this layer? The answer to which is not known. These are lens flare and image ghosting.

Note that lens flare is basically a phenomenon where light reflects off the surface of the lens in front of the sensor in an unwanted way. A portion of this reflected light eventually hits the sensor. The problem becomes noticeable when the user shoots a bright object against a dark background. Ghosting is another problem, caused by the reflection of light from the lens surface.

The lens coating that Apple is working on reduces the reflective index of the glass surface and ultimately reduces the blurring of the final image. The tipster also claims that the new lens coating will be limited to the iPhone 16 Pro model. Like last year, only the iPhone 15 Pro models used a titanium frame or the year before that the Dynamic Island above the display was limited to the iPhone 14 Pro models.



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