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iPhone or iPad? Apple will bring a foldable version first, you will be surprised

Apple’s foldable phone has been the subject of speculation for the past few years. Sometimes information about the upcoming device is leaked on the internet. For example, a recent report revealed Apple’s plans for a foldable iPhone. Ever since the launch of Samsung’s folding handset in 2019, various companies have gradually entered the foldable phone segment. However, Apple is still far behind in this competition. Now a new report has revealed an interesting information about the tech giant’s folding form factor device. There are claims that the iPhone will not be Apple’s first foldable device.

Apple’s first foldable device will feature a larger screen

DigiTimes claims that Apple has been working on its first foldable device for at least five years. They said it could be a larger device instead of a foldable iPhone. That is, Apple has probably decided to enter the foldable category with tablets or notebooks. The report also states that the design consolidation is underway and the project is nearing completion. Apple may also start mass production soon.

It’s worth noting here that DigiTimes only mentions Apple’s foldable as a large device. So whether it’s part of the iPad lineup or an entirely new product category – it’s impossible to say right now. Reports suggest that Apple has not suspended their work on the foldable device. It also confirms that earlier reports about screen issues pausing development and moving the Vision Pro team to a foldable project are true.

Notably, Apple is expected to launch its first foldable phone in 2025 or later. The company usually takes longer than other brands to introduce new devices or enter new categories. This is more applicable to the foldable segment, as the hinge system is one of the most important components of the device and the US tech brand would not want to compromise on quality in this regard. But keep in mind, the report is speculative, so we’ll have to wait to see if it materializes.



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