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iPhone 17 Slim: Apple is bringing the thinnest iPhone by changing the design and features!

The Apple iPhone 16 series is set to launch in the second half of this year, but before that, speculations have started surrounding its successor, the Apple iPhone 17 lineup. It was rumored that the next-generation iPhone could use new processors made by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Apple's primary chipset supplier. It is also being said that Apple plans to discontinue the Plus models after the launch of the iPhone 16 series this year. Now, it is being said that a model called iPhone 17 Slim will join the iPhone series next year, which will replace the 'Plus' model and could also be the most expensive model in the series.

iPhone 17 Slim may be the most premium model in the series

Earlier in the month, analyst Jeff Pu predicted that the iPhone 16 Plus would be the last Plus model in the iPhone series. And now The Information has shed light on the high-end iPhone 17 series in a new report, fueling speculation that the iPhone 16 Plus will be the last iPhone Plus model. Instead of iPhone 17 Plus, a new model called iPhone 17 Slim may come to the market.

The Information reports that the iPhone 17 Slim will be significantly thinner than the current iPhone and will also feature upgrades such as an improved camera system. It has also been reported that this ultra-slim iPhone could debut in 2025 as part of the iPhone 17 lineup. Internally named D23, this model will also be redesigned like the iPhone X phone launched in 2017, the iPhone 17 slim model. Whereas the iPhone X brought back Face ID, an OLED screen and glass, the D23 is expected to sport a significantly slimmer chassis and a smaller display cutout.

Earlier it was reported that Apple might replace the dynamic island with a pinhole cutout, which will probably start with the iPhone 16 series. Other possible changes include moving the rear camera from the top left corner to the top center of the device. The screen size can range between 6.12 inches for the standard iPhone and 6.69 inches for the iPhone 16 Pro Max model. Although the exact measurements of the new slim iPhone are unknown, the current slim iPhone is the third-generation iPhone SE, which is 0.29 inches slim.

It is also rumored that the iPhone 17 Slim model may be priced higher than the Pro Max phone. If the information is correct, the slim models will be top-of-the-line phones next year. Apple introduced the plus-size variant with the iPhone 14 lineup in 2022 to offer consumers a device with a larger screen, without the need to invest more money in the premium Pro model. This trend continued with the iPhone 15 Plus phone and Apple will include the iPhone 16 Plus model in their 2024 lineup. When this model launches this year, the Plus version will last for three years, just one year longer than the iPhone mini.



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