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Infinix Zero Flip: Infinix is ​​bringing their first foldable smartphone, the price will be cheaper too

Infinix is ​​quite popular among us for selling affordable smartphones. While most of the leading brands have launched foldable phones, Infinix is ​​yet to tread that path. But lately it is being heard that the Chinese brand is also planning to launch the brand-new “Infinix Zero Flip” to keep pace with its rivals. The clamshell design Zero Flip is going to be the company’s first foldable phone, so naturally Infinix fans are very curious about the device.

Infinix Zero Flip may come to the market soon

An Infinix phone with the number X6962 recently received European Economic Community (EEC) certification and Android Headlines claims it will be the Infinix Zero Flip. Although there is no information available yet about what it is going to offer, one thing is for sure that Infinix will keep it affordable just like their other phones. For those who want a feature-packed foldable phone without weighing down their pockets, this is great news.

Infinix is ​​famous for making value-for-money phones. That is, a phone that offers a lot for its price. With the Infinix Zero Flip, the company wants to differentiate itself in the competitive market by offering something innovative and pocket-friendly. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what Infinix is ​​going to offer in their foldable.

But this wait does not seem to be too long. The company is gearing up to unveil the Infinix Zero Flip very soon. It’s a big step for the brand, which shows that they’re serious about trying new things as well as maintaining what users want from their phones. But this is not the end. Another Infinix phone with model number X6860 has also received EEC approval. Although, nothing much is known about this device yet, but it could also be another surprise from Infinix.



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