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If you have more RAM in the phone, you will get more benefits? Know how much GB RAM Smartphone will be good

It’s been almost a decade since people upgraded from feature phones to smartphones. Now there are many changes in the smartphone, many advanced or modern features have been added. Not only that, now smartphones have become so intertwined with life that everyone wants to get more benefits from it. For this same reason, smartphones with more RAM and storage are trending in the market today. Consumers are buying handsets with 6GB and 128GB storage variants, while smartphone companies are offering 18 to 20GB of RAM. Even the popular flagship smartphone manufacturer OnePlus recently claimed that they are coming up with a smartphone with 24 GB RAM. In this case, all companies are of the opinion that having more RAM or storage will improve the performance of the phone. But is this claim really realistic? Let us know some important things about this topic today.

Will the phone be faster with more RAM?

Many factors are important for the performance of any smartphone, RAM is also a part of it. So it is true that a phone with more GB RAM will offer faster performance. Because it will have more space on the phone for apps and other tasks.

How much GB of RAM is best for a phone?

Many people have a question that how many GB RAM is the best phone? In that case, if you use a lot of apps on the phone, then your phone with more RAM will come in handy. Generally 8 to 12 GB of RAM in the phone will be good.

Important but also the processor

In all the functions of the smartphone, the processor is also important, because the better the processor of the phone, the better its performance. Octa-core chipsets are considered to be the best processors at present. Also, if the phone has the latest generation processor, you will get better performance. Again, smartphone software is also very important. Firstly, you will get the latest features if you update to the latest software, which will also improve the performance of the phone. There are currently two types of software available in the market – Android and iOS.

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