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Hacking: No one else can get hold of the smartphone, if you keep these 3 warnings in mind

Now many people like you and me have their fingers stuck on the smartphone screen most of the day. But using an entry smartphone is just that, you need to take proper care of your device to keep it safe especially from hacking – there are many things to keep in mind. In that case, today we will talk about some such things, which can cause great danger if you do not remember while using the smartphone! So let’s get to know those caveats…

Keep these three mantras in mind while using smartphone

1. Phone call: There are many things to keep in mind while talking on the phone. Even bank accounts can be empty if careless. For example, it’s best not to install any apps while on a call, which leaves you vulnerable to hackers.

2. Install the app: Not only during calling, but also in general, apps should not be installed hastily. Installing apps from unwanted links, APK files etc can lead to hacking of smartphones. Now there are reports that phones are being hacked with the help of VPN apps.

3. Access to the app: Whenever an app is installed, it asks for permission to access the smartphone as desired. But giving an app all permissions means it gets everything about you So this matter needs to be kept in mind.



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