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Google has won the title of smartphone with the best display in the world, beating Apple

DxOMark, the benchmarking platform that scientifically assesses smartphone, lens and camera quality, recently shared its results after testing the display of a new smartphone model. This phone is the Google Pixel Fold, which was launched last May as the company’s first foldable smartphone. This premium handset has succeeded in proving its excellence in DXOmark’s display test. Let’s find out what the benchmark database revealed about the foldable.

The Google Pixel Fold has topped DxOMark’s display rankings

The Google Pixel Fold topped both DXOMark’s Ultra Premium Ranking and Global Ranking for its display. With a score of 151 points in the display test, the phone managed to outperform every model tested by the benchmark platform. The display has been particularly praised for its color rendering in most lighting conditions.

Also, the Google Pixel Fold manages to deliver a great HDR10 video experience and offers high levels of brightness in most situations. However, the only issue with the screen was the lack of brightness after a few minutes of outdoor use. However overall readability, color and viewing experience received high praise. But despite such a great performance in the display department, the Google Pixel Fold couldn’t make it to the list of top 20 phones in terms of camera.

The Google Pixel Fold scored just 133 points in DXOMark’s camera test, placing it at 28th in the global ranking. But overall it can capture fairly good quality images when it comes to photography. However, it is worth noting that while the Google Pixel Fold topped DXOmark’s display test, several complaints about the screen have already surfaced. Users have specifically complained about issues related to its internal display. Complainants reported that their Google Pixel Fold’s foldable display was malfunctioning for unknown reasons, and the screen even went ‘dead’ at times.

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