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Design like an Android smartphone on the iPhone! Apple can give a big surprise this year

The iPhone 15 series was launched in September last year. As a result, its successor, the iPhone 16 series is expected to hit the global market by September-October this year with significant upgrades in design and features. The iPhone Sixteen is rumored to differ from its predecessor models in terms of camera setup. And now a source has revealed that the iPhone 16 series will feature a more streamlined vertical camera setup instead of the traditional horizontal camera setup. This adjustment will not only provide a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, but also bring the iPhone 16 series closer to the design trend of contemporary Android phones.

The possible design of the iPhone 16 model came forward

Tipster Majin Bu claims that Apple will launch five distinct models under the iPhone 16 series, catering to different market segments. This lineup will include iPhone 16 SE, iPhone 16 Plus SE, iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. This expansion marks the strategic integration of iPhone’s affordable SE lineup into the broader iPhone 16 portfolio. It seems that Apple is planning to deliver more options to customers in different price segments.

The entry-level iPhone 16 SE and iPhone 16 Plus SE are expected to feature dynamic islands, single camera setups, rich displays with a 60Hz refresh rate, and slightly lower battery capacity. These models will target the budget-conscious market. Next will come the standard iPhone 16, which will improve the user experience with a 120Hz display, dual-camera system and improved battery life. It could be an attractive option for the mid-range market.

At the top of the series will be the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max, which are expected to come with premium specifications. Apple will set new benchmarks for performance and innovation in these models. Moreover, all iPhone models (except the SE model) are rumored to come with larger batteries this year than the previous generation.

Notably, Apple has kept the same iPhone design for several years without any significant changes, with the launch of the iPhone 15 series last year showing clear dissatisfaction among consumers about this stagnation. In order to increase sales in the global market, Apple probably now feels the need to change the design of the iPhone. It is speculated that this move will not only meet the expectations of the users but also increase the sales of the iPhone.

Majin Bu also mentions an iPhone model in testing, with iPhone XR-like styling, a Dynamic Island screen, and an iPhone 15-like color scheme. According to him, he initially thought it was iPhone SE, but now he is not sure about it.

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