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Cheapest Motorola phones won’t break even if dropped, know the real reason

One of the most popular brands in the smartphone world is Motorola, whose devices have always been quite durable. But now the company has partnered with Corning Gorilla Glass to make their devices stronger and more durable. Motorola announced the partnership at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). They said that this partnership is going to bring about a big change in their portfolio, as from now on all the range of Motorola smartphones will get Gorilla Glass protection. As a result, if the Motorola phone falls from the hand, the chances of the screen breaking will also be reduced.

What is the specialty of Gorilla Glass?

This Gorilla Glass made of alkali-alumina silicate sit is used as a screen protector for electronic devices like mobiles, TVs and notebooks. Applying it does not damage the screen and does not cause any scratches on the device. As a result, its beauty remains intact for a long time.

However, the past few years have seen the use of ‘Dragontail’ as an alternative to Gorilla Glass in mid-range and budget-friendly devices. However, a Motorola company official said that by 2024, every device in the company’s portfolio will get Corning Gorilla Glass protection. And this work will start from the second half of this year.

Incidentally, this move will not affect Motorola’s high-end smartphones. Because, these devices are already available with Gorilla Glass protection. However, this is quite important for Motorola’s budget friendly device. Hence, it is expected that using Gorilla Glass will make the company’s budget friendly devices more popular.



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