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Big news: iPhone may be hacked, Apple warns in advance

If you are using an Apple device, then there is big news for you. In fact, Apple recently warned users about a cyber attack. According to the company, users in 91 countries of the world, including India, can be victims of Pegasus Spyware at any time. Earlier in October last year, a similar warning was sent by Apple to several opposition leaders, which was followed by a lot of controversy.

Earlier in 2021, the Supreme Court ordered the formation of a committee on the Pegasus attack on the iPhone. Incidentally, the Pegasus spyware was developed by the Israeli company NSO Group. Any phone can be hacked with the help of Pegasus and the user will not even know about this hacking.

In August 2022, the committee reported that it had tested 29 mobile phones and found no evidence of the Pegasus spyware. At that time, Pegasus demanded surveillance of the phones of many journalists and social workers in India. Since this incident, Apple sends an advance warning to its users about possible hacking.

This time too, the company said, iPhone users in a total of 91 countries may be affected by spyware like Pegasus. After which the users are worried. In such situations one should use the device very cautiously and should not click on any unknown link.



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