Home News Gadgets Big news for Apple iPhone users, these models will get the iOS 18 update

Big news for Apple iPhone users, these models will get the iOS 18 update

Big news for Apple iPhone users, these models will get the iOS 18 update

Apple is expected to announce their upcoming operating system version iOS 18 at the ‘Worldwide Developers Conference’ (WWDC) event in June. The Cupertino-based tech giant is rumored to include ‘rich communication services’ (RCS) support and generative artificial intelligence (AI) functionality in the Messages app under the upcoming version of iOS. Besides, this update might bring big changes on the generative AI front. Apple is also expected to facilitate the auto-summary feature as part of the new AI-based features.

Meanwhile, the list of which iPhone models will get the iOS 18 update has been leaked online today, before any official announcement from the company. An X account user shared this list. However, this post was deleted from the account after some time. But before the post was deleted, the list went viral on the internet.

iPhone models launched in 2018 or later are reportedly going to get the iOS 18 update. This means that all iPhones currently running on the iOS 17 skin will be released with the iOS 18 update. Below is the list of eligible iPhone models –

This iPhone model will get iOS 18 update

1. iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
2. iPhone SE (3rd Gen)
3. iPhone XR
4. iPhone XS
5. iPhone XS Max
6. iPhone 11
7. iPhone 11 Pro
8. iPhone 11 Pro Max
9. iPhone 12 Mini
10. iPhone 12
11. iPhone 12 Pro
12. iPhone 12 Pro Max

13. iPhone 13 Mini
14. iPhone 13
15. iPhone 13 Pro
16. iPhone 13 Pro Max
17. iPhone 14
18. iPhone 14 Plus
19. iPhone 14 Pro
20. iPhone 14 Pro Max
21. iPhone 15
22. iPhone 15 Plus
23. iPhone 15 Pro
24. iPhone 15 Pro Max

Incidentally, Apple has rolled out the iOS 17 update in half for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max models. Each of these models was announced in 2018 That means the devices are more than 5 years old. However, it is claimed that Apple will release the iOS 18 update for these three iPhones.

According to reports, the new iOS 18 will be unveiled at the WWDC event in June. In this case, it is expected that its public beta version may be launched in July or August. Again there is a possibility to release the public beta of this latest OS version by September or October. That is, the stable version of the iOS 18 update will be brought soon after the launch of the Apple iPhone 16 series.


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